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Novel RightsNovel Rights developed and promotes the concept of Human Rights Literature, and creates digital formats of this literature, an e-story. While the reader of the e-story becomes emotionally involved, and deeper level of understanding is established, motivation for action is generated.

Novel Rights provides with the e-story additional information about Human Rights issues related to the story. It also links to human rights organizations that work on these issues , and the reader can take action instantly and make a difference.

We never force the readers to choose to adopt the story point of view as we never obligate the readers to use our recommended “take action”. We only encourage them to consume massive knowledge and adopt wide universal point of view, what eventually will help them to feel more responsible toward their own destiny, toward one another and the world society.

We never “order” stories to be written by our demand, or force authors to write about issues that are in HR organization agenda. We choose the stories and novels only after they are being created.

Novel Rights is independent of any political ideology or religion

Novel Rights is determined to bring knowledge and promote Human Rights Literature through our e-Pub, events, workshops and book fairs.


Novel Rights ePublishing

“Every evening, I go outside, water my mother’s roses, and wash the angel from head to toe.”
Women attacked. Women protest. Girls stolen. 
The daily struggle in Iran. 
“Leila’s blood doesn’t dissolve; it soaks into my skin.” 
I may not know where my sister is, but I will do what she would have done. 
by Marina Nemat



Novel RightsCan you hear it? 

That is the sound of the secret history of the Kurds.

It sounds just like a lullaby passing through cracks in concrete walls.  

Farzad Kamangar, a village teacher labelled 
terrorist, counts those cracks, argues innocence and shares the hopeful sweetness of home
made chocolates with his fellow prisoners. 
“Under ropes, the chocolates melt in our mouths...”and we, the readers hear through the cracks. 
Hear it here: the lullaby of legendary Farzad Kamangar. 

by Ava Homa 
Cover Ilusration and Graphic Design “Leila”: Hagit Schechter;
Cover Ilusration “Lullaby”: Tamar Levi; Graphic Design: Hagit Schechter
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