Human Rights literature as a long-term solution to terror

More than a year ago, I published a column anticipating the growth of terror in Europe; I named it ‘The Global Terror Virtual Country’ and suggested to create an anti-terror global country as a solution. I proposed Human Rights Literature to help us overcome the popularity of ISIS especially among young people in Europe and around the world. The events that have occurred since have proved that unfortunately terror in Europe is not a passing trend. To combat this appalling wave of terror striking Europe, the European countries must invest in long-term solutions. As Human Rights literature, and stray away from short-term solutions that may potentially cause inalterable devastation to western countries’ solid democracies.

In this essay, I will claim that Literature is one of the problems and the solutions for the popularity of terror, especially among young people. I will present and solve the reading habits paradox and will offer three examples to books that broke all reading predictions, sold millions of copies and changed the world for good and bad.

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