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Novel Rights

What Is ‘Novel Rights’?

Novel Rights is a Human Rights Literature Global Movement operating through a model of Social Enterprise. It utilizes the power of literature to drive change and motivate people to take action in an innovative way. It makes a very important contribution to the promotion of human rights values and protection of human rights.

Our Vision:

• Inspire the world to fully embrace and implement the values and principals of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

• Making the power of literature to drive a change recognized and utilized.

• Nurture the power of authors whose sensitivity and intellectual ability to grasp the reality in its complicity is asset humanity has not been wise enough to take advantage of.

• Recognize the power of every human to make a social change.

Novel Rights’

innovative work is where we tie together the unnoticed genre of Human Rights Literature with the dynamically growing e-reading market. Link them to human rights campaigns and organizations. Is determined to bring knowledge and promote Human Rights & Literature through our e-Pub, events and workshops.

“Novel Rights”

welcomes all human rights and social change organizations, arts organizations, artists, authors and individuals who wish to create relevant collaborations – individually or collectively – for the benefit of society.